We Resolve Tax Disputes

Counter Tax Lawyers represents taxpayers and businesses across Canada in disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Our Toronto-based firm also assists other lawyers and accountants in resolving tax issues for their clients. We help you challenge reassessments at the audit, objection and appeal stages, and can also guide you through a voluntary disclosure or an application for taxpayer relief. We successfully represent your interests with an approach that’s focused, efficient and highly cost-effective.

Here’s why you should talk to us:

  • We know the government can get it wrong.

    The CRA doesn’t always reach the right conclusions about how much in tax, penalties and interest you owe in law. And when that happens, we believe you should challenge their interpretation of the facts and legal issues to ensure you don’t pay more than your fair share. When the government gets it wrong, we make it right.

  • We resolve tax disputes. That’s all we do.

    At Counter Tax Lawyers, we don’t just dabble in tax issues alongside, say, estate or family law. We’re experts in tax law. We won’t draft your will or marriage contract. We’re here to resolve your tax dispute — and get the best possible results at an earlier stage in the process, because we know the legal aspects inside out. For us, that’s the key to delivering high-quality, cost-effective service — and optimum outcomes.

  • We see things differently than other professionals.

    Our expertise goes beyond accounting. We’re focused on constantly refining our knowledge of tax law including the CRA’s internal guidelines, the official Tax Court of Canada rules and the rules of evidence. We have the knowledge and experience to see tax problems and solutions differently from other accounting and legal professionals. We ensure that the right legal building blocks are in place from day one, in the event that you need them later. And if we ultimately represent you in court, we can use that solid foundation to make a very persuasive case.

  • We will own your tax dispute.

    We’ll treat your case like it’s our own. Our job is to think about your file a lot — so you can think about it a lot less. In fact, we’ll probably mull it over more than we’d care to admit. When our spouses ask us what we are thinking about and we say, “Nothing,” there’s a good chance we’ll actually be thinking about creative strategies to win your tax dispute.

  • We’re addicted to getting great results.

    We help our clients resolve their tax disputes favourably and efficiently. That’s all we care about. And that’s how we’ve earned a reputation for getting the job done. We’re focused, driven, nimble, entrepreneurial and obsessed with delivering quality service — just like a lot of our clients.